The Heilsuborg approach to obesity

The Heilsuborg multifactoral approach is based on assisting people to make changes in the daily life towards a better health. Respecting individual needs, small changes are made at first, allowing the body and mind to get used to the new way of life. The key is to choose an individual approach that each participant can sustain lifelong. This method is far more likely to result in a long lasting weight loss, since people have successfully changed their daily habits. A lifestyle change requires courage, perseverance and hard work, as the journey is not always easy. But with education, support, encouragement and ideas from others the journey is more fun and more successful. Step by step the goal towards improved health and better quality of live can be reached.

There are four main areas that need attention according to this approach: nutrition, excercise, sleep and peace of mind. Combining those things in balance in daily life is the challenge. It includes giving the body the nourishment it requires and nurturing the soul at the same time with healthy, unprocessed, diverse and appealing food. In this diet nothing is forbidden but gradually people start to choose food that supports their health. Little by little this choice will become easy and natural. Strengthening the body with exercise one can enjoy, improving sleeping habits and working towards a balanced mind with respect for oneself make the diverse pieces of the puzzle come together.

The program Heilsulausnir (e. Health Solutions), is a 12 months multidisiplinary program where doctors, nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, psychologists, sport teachers and former patients work with patients, both individually and in groups to get the best result. Education, training and online support is included. The program is also adjusted for those individuals who plan to have an bariatrc surgery and supports them after the surgery as well. Thousands of people have participated in Heilsuborg´s program and improved their lives, resulting in weight loss, better health and increased quality of life.
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